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Customs Regulations in Mexico

What You May Bring Into Mexico

Customs Regulations:
Tourists should enter Mexico with only the items needed for their trip. Entering with large quantities of an item a tourist might not normally be expected to have, particularly expensive appliances, such as televisions, stereos, or other items, may lead to suspicion of smuggling and possible confiscation of the items and arrest of the individual.

The Mexican government permits tourists to exchange dollars for pesos at the fluctuating free market rate. There are no restrictions on the import or export of bank notes and none on the export of reasonable quantities of ordinary Mexican coins. However, gold or silver Mexican coins may not be exported.

Take travelers checks with you because personal U.S.checks are rarely accepted by Mexican hotels or banks. Major credit cards are accepted in many hotels, shops, and restaurants. An exchange office (casa de cambios) usually gives a better rate of exchange than do stores, hotels, or restaurants.

Banks and Currency Exchange Information:
The best rates of exchange for Mexican pesos can be found at banks, although the airport exchange desk is generally not a bad rate compared to the hotel rates; banks and airport exchange offices do not charge exchange fees. It is not a good idea to change money in any upmarket hotel here, as they typically do not offer competitive market rates. Street "cambios" or exchange booths offer slightly less favorable rates, but keep longer hours. You can pay in U.S. dollars most of the time, but your change will probably be in Mexican pesos, and at unfavorable rates!


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